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Specialized Services in Northeastern
British Columbia and Northern Alberta

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has offered the following types of specialized services in Northeastern British Columbia and Northern Alberta.

Frac Water Management

Fracking technology brought the need to manage the storage and disposal of saline fluid generated during fracking operations. Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has managed frac fluid for more than 5 years and been involved with the installation and decommissioning of C-Rings, installation of wildlife deterrents, hydrocarbon removal, spill management, and frac water disposal. HESL frac water management provides seamless day-to-day operations, while ensuring zero impacts to the environment thanks to educating and training operators and trucking companies.

Bear Watch

Working in remote areas, it can be a challenge to minimize wildlife and human conflicts, especially where clients restrict the use of firearms on their worksites. Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. offers bear watch safety services , with fully qualified/certified personnel. We work closely with the BC Ministry of Environment Conservation Officer branch to minimize these encounters.

UAV (Drone) Photogrammetry Services

This service responds to a budding industry in site imaging, spatial and volumetric measurements, and interactive 3D imagery. Precise spatial and volumetric measurements allow for very fine values when estimating sump volumes, impacted area dimensions, or gravel pile volumes. Fine measurements lead to better planning, which results in time and cost savings.

Forest Management

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. wide range of services offered have complimented the forestry sector. From land, GIS, or environmental, we continue to provide expertise in a variety of services including:

  • Timber and access reconnaissance
  • Cut block layout
  • Road layout
  • Riparian assessments
  • Ecosystem classification/site plan data collection

For more information on our specialized services, please call or email our office .

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