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Reclamation Services for Northeastern British Columbia and Northern Alberta

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has offered the following types of reclamation services in Northeastern British Columbia and Northern Alberta.

CoR Parts I and II Applications

For over 25 years, Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has successfully completed hundreds of Certificates of Restoration (CoR) Parts I and II applications. HESL's experience and strong relationship with the local BCER office save you time and ultimately extra lease payments.

Development and Reclamation Plans

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. prepares development and reclamation plans for all upstream oilfield projects (well sites and ancillary developments). As part of the BCER’s application for Aggregate Operations and Borrow Pits, HESL develops specific development and reclamation plans for oil and gas aggregate or borrow pit operations.



Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. not only has the experience and qualifications to manage the surface reclamation of upstream oil and gas sites but can supply the heavy equipment to perform the earth works. HESL technicians have the training and experience to perform surface reclamation activities from the ground to the seat of a dozer or excavator. This streamlines operations and reduces future site visits.

Erosion Control and Monitoring

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has used innovative techniques to stabilize disturbed sites. Projects include: riparian restoration, sediment control, spill remediation projects, slope stabilization on newly constructed pipelines, well sites, and access. Stabilized sites speed up habitat enhancement and reduce future liability issues often associated with siltation into waterbodies.

Seeding and Weed Management

Completing the reclamation process requires a healthy regrowth across disturbed surfaces. Ensure the site meets the surrounding offsite contour, topsoil is replaced evenly across the site and is revegetated with an appropriate landowner-approved seed mix on Private land or meets the Ecological Suitability Species Guidelines of the British Columbia Energy Regulator on Crown lands to ensure a positive CoR Part II application outcome.

Gas Migration and Surface Casing Vent Testing

Not only is gas migration testing a requirement prior to abandonment, it gives peace of mind to the operator, ensuring that the well bore is structurally sound and future remediation costs will be minimized.

For more information on our reclamation services, please call or email our office .

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