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Ecological Services for the Oil and Gas Industry in Northeastern British Columbia and Northern Alberta

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has offered the following types of ecological services in Northeastern British Columbia and Northern Alberta.

Stream and Wetland Assessments

Fish and Wildlife Habitat Assessments

Active Migratory Bird Nest Surveys

Area Based Analysis Mitigation and Environmental Protection Plans

With the advent of the recent BC Oil and Gas Commission Area-based Analysis (July 2015) requirement, Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has developed ABA plans with 100% success rates from the BCER. HESL has also developed Environmental Protection Plans for large scale projects, such as Site C and other highway construction projects throughout the BC Peace Region.

Water Permit Applications

Recent BCER regulatory changes to water licence applications have lengthened and complicated a once simple process. Our project managers have the experience to submit upstream oil and gas water applications to the BCER in a timely fashion and to ensure that projects are not delayed.

For more information on our ecological services, please call or email our office .

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