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Contaminated Sites Investigations for Northeastern British Columbia and Northern Alberta

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has performed the following types of investigations for contaminated sites in Northeastern British Columbia and Northern Alberta.

Rig blowouts

Tank truck rollovers

Flare pit remediation

400 BBL tank spills

Hazardous waste treatment

Pipeline breaks

24hr spill response

C ring (AWSS) spill/assessments well head blowouts

Potentially acid-generating rock/soil management

Spill Response and Management

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. manages all aspects of contaminated site investigations and spill response services. HESL has managed:

Stage 1.jpg

Stage 1 Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI)

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. conducts historical reviews of sites for liability assessments and real estate transactions, as part of certificate of restoration (COR) Part 1 assessments, and as preliminary assessments on contaminated site investigations. A Stage 1 PSI typically includes files searches, reviews of historical documentation, a study of aerial photographs, personnel interviews, and site reconnaissance.

Stage 2 Preliminary Site Investigation (PSI) and Detailed Site Investigation

Since 1998, Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has conducted approximately 1200 Stage 2 PSIs (intrusive investigations). A Stage 2 PSI delineates contamination and determines the approach of independent remediation. A detailed site investigation (DSI) builds on the findings from a preliminary site investigation (PSI), and is designed, often iteratively, to characterize the nature and extent of contamination identified through preliminary investigations. A detailed site investigation provides the information needed to satisfy regulatory requirements. More importantly, they provide the information that enables comprehensive evaluation of remediation options and quantification of liability.


Independent Remediation

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has remediated numerous sites using in-situ treatment, risk management, bio-remediation, natural attenuation, and excavation and hauling. Site investigations and remediation make up a large proportion of the work that HESL performs.

Groundwater Well Installation and Monitoring

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. installs and monitors groundwater wells where groundwater impacts may have occurred or to determine whether drinking water criteria apply to a site. HESL also performs rising head tests and collects groundwater samples from wells.

Electro Magnetic (EM) Surveys

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. conducts electromagnetic scans during contaminated site investigations using EM scans: EM31 (deep scan) and/or EM38 (shallow scan). An EM scan identifies the locations and intensity of conductive contamination, such as salts.

For more information on our contaminated site investigations, please call or email our office .

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