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Highmark Environmental Services Ltd.:
Environmental Consulting Services Since 1998

Dispatch Available 24/7

We serve the oil and gas industry with our diverse range of environmental consulting services

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. provides full-suite environmental consulting services from Fort St. John to the oil and gas industry in BC, AB, and YT.

About Highmark Environmental Services Ltd.

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. (HESL) is an environmental consulting services company located in Fort St. John of the Peace River Regional District in northeastern British Columbia, Canada. A leader in the environmental arena since 1998, we serve northeast BC and northwest AB. Our main focus is on providing full-suite environmental solutions in the BC oil and gas industry in a safe work environment. Learn more about our safety commitment .

What Sets Us Apart from Other Environmental Consultants ?

Our office and field departments are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week—including holidays. We take pride in our in-depth knowledge of the Peace River District region as well as our expertise in provincial legislation. These factors allow HESL to expedite project turnaround times in a way that large environmental consulting corporations cannot always do. Our local knowledge saves our clients complications and projected costs. At HESL, we create solutions that work for your company while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Highmark Environmental services ltd. Clients

Highmark Environmental Services Ltd. has many clients across western Canada. Among our clients are companies involved in oil and gas exploration, production, transport (pipelines), and trucking companies. HESL also provides services to legislative organizations such as Ministry of Environment and the BC Oil and Gas Commission, as well as to individual property and homeowners.

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